african american family poses with three kids, a dog, and the family's visiting au pair

Proposed regulations would decimate successful au pair program.

The U.S Department of State has proposed new regulations that would make the au pair cultural exchange program unnecessarily complicated and too expensive for most middle-class host families.

college-aged girl poses with child in jackets and beanies in the snow

Why Care About Au Pairs?

American Families for Cultural Exchange is a coalition led by Cultural Care Au Pair, an official sponsor of the U.S. State Department-regulated au pair program for over 30 years, which champions the federal initiative that bridges cultural divides by offering immersive cultural exchange and enriching experiences to families across the country.

What We Stand For

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Underscoring the Value of Cultural Exchange for Families & Au Pairs

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Addressing Childcare Cost & Availability

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Continuing and Improving the Broad Satisfaction with the Au Pair Program

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Mitigating Undue Burden on Families & Au Pairs

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Valued Partnership with the Department of State on Program Improvements

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Creating Global Citizens

By the Numbers: Au Pairs in the U.S.

Au Pairs

Through the au pair program — run by the State Department and facilitated by about a dozen private agencies — around 29,000 young adults are currently living with American families.
The Washington Post

Nearly 3x
Cost Increase

“Their weekly stipend, currently set at $195.75, would vary based on the cost of living and minimum wage requirements in the host family’s state — and could nearly triple in some states.”
The Washington Post

Good Experience

90% of au pairs rated their experience in the U.S. as excellent or good.
(Source: EurekaFacts Study: Impact of Au Pair program)

Keep in Touch

98% of families maintain the relationship with their au pair after the program has ended.
(Source: Au Pair Program 2020 Executive Summary Report)

1.7 Million
Exchange visitors since 1961

Since 1961, 1.7 million students, researchers, educators, and scholars have taken part in the U.S. government’s academic, cultural, sports and professional exchange programs, including the au pair program.
 (Source: Share America)


family with three young kids and their au pair

“Beyond the practical benefits of flexible, integrated childcare, hosting an au pair teaches our children that the world is larger and more diverse than our hometown.”

host mom in MA

family with four kids and their au pair

“There is nothing more magical than watching your kids a new culture, learn languages, and love someone as much as they love their au pair. Having an au pair is flexible, we get to share and experience culture, and it is always dependable.

host mom in CA

Mom and dad wearing doctors coats with au pair and toddler

“As two parents with full time, demanding careers, having an au pair has made all the difference for us. Having reliable, in-home childcare with an au pair has allowed us to be the best at both work and at home with our baby.”

host mom in CA

Au pair poses with preschooler, toddler and infant

“Bringing an au pair into a family may start from a basic need, but it delivers a much more enriching experience.”

host mom in Washington, DC


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