family with three young kids and their au pair

“Beyond the practical benefits of flexible, integrated childcare, hosting an au pair teaches our children that the world is larger and more diverse than our hometown.”

host mom in MA

family with four kids and their au pair

“There is nothing more magical than watching your kids a new culture, learn languages, and love someone as much as they love their au pair. Having an au pair is flexible, we get to share and experience culture, and it is always dependable.

host mom in CA

Mom and dad wearing doctors coats with au pair and toddler

“As two parents with full time, demanding careers, having an au pair has made all the difference for us. Having reliable, in-home childcare with an au pair has allowed us to be the best at both work and at home with our baby.”

host mom in CA

Au pair poses with preschooler, toddler and infant

“Bringing an au pair into a family may start from a basic need, but it delivers a much more enriching experience.”

host mom in Washington, DC